H a p p y H o l i d a y s !

(Melissa in China - June 2006)

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season, and the Blessings that it Brings!

      This fall found Melissa starting Middle-School, other than the homework I think she really likes it (although when we ask, we get the usual: “It’s boring!”); But she really likes her shop, home-ec, and science classes, because she actually tells us what she is doing in them.  Math we know because we have every parents nightmare “We are taking Math all over again!", just to help her figure out the assignments!!!!  She is still doing gymnastics, but finding it hard to fit in all the practice time and get homework done.

    Miriam, has gotten back to nursing school this yearand only has a couple more 8 week sessions next year to finish up. It’s been quite the chore to work full time, go to school and be a mom and wife, but she is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Bernie is still working at a marina at the Lake of the Ozarks and Abby is in second grade and enjoying that.

    We went to Florida this year for our vacation andspent about 10 days with Maureen’s folks, just kicking back and doing nothing in particular!  It was great!!!  While we were there we drove to the east coast and spent sometime with one of the families that we traveled to China with on the first trip.  It was good to see Melissa and Abby Gough act like old friends after spending sometime together. When we got back we repacked and headed to Tulsa, OK for China Camp at Dillon, Intl. Where Melissa again got to spend time with one of the girls that she became friends with on our trip back to China in June of 2006.  They decided that next year they would be councilors at camp (seems they think they are getting to big to be students!) and who knows they may learn more helping to teach than they would as students.  Sometimes that is the way it works out, you learn more by teaching that being the student!

    Maureen is busy at Stephens with some classes she has not taught before and some she has.   Plus she is just trying to keep up on the grading, which can be full time job most every night. Her venture selling Memory Books at ChinaMemories  is doing so-so, she had a few orders earlier this yearbut with the slow down in adoptions in China things have been kind of quite.

    I’ve just finished my third year at Toastmaster/Saltonand it’s been a trying year, again and looks like it will be the last here as our merger is going thru and the company in Florida doesn’t need/want any of us “Missouri Hicks!” So time to hit the pavement and look for another job.

    May the rest of this year and next bring you a special blessing, and know that you have our fondest wish for a “Happy Holiday”Season and a “Blessed and Prosperous” New Year!

   God Bless! Maureen,Jim, Melissa (and of course Miriam, Bernie, and Abby)